Global solution for sewage Sludge Disposal
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Combustion tests performed using different scale boilers, internal combustions engines and gas-turbine injectors and systems have demonstrated that bio-oil would be burnt efficiently in standard or minimally modified equipment. Bio-oil from biomass has been shown easy to burn.

Yield of products of the BioPetrol process for 1 Ton (1,000 Kg) dry sewage sludge:

Oil - 424.2 Kg.

Gas -127.0 Kg.

Solid residue - 433.1 Kg. (118.1 Kg. O.M + 315 Kg. Ash)

Pyrolytic water 15.7 Kg.

Bio-Petrol Ltd. technology liquefies carbon-rich solid fuels. The composition of organic matter in fuels is similar in its chemical composition to that of organic waste. In both, the matter is composed of: carbons, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen. The difference in the matter between one and the other is in the molecular structure and in the percentage of each one of the above elements.

In the technology proposed by BioPetrol Company, we have exploited the advantages of two known processes: Thermal Extraction and Pyrolysis, with the recirculation of medium solvent as Hydrogen Donor to futher enhance the results.